Save Money on Travel


Try Priceline's name your own price option and check hotel searches like to compare your options. also has a section for finding short term accommodations.

If you're cheap try, a website that connects travelers with people offering their couch for the night. Hostels also provide cheap accommodation. Check out for reviews.


Airline travel can be expensive, especially during the holiday season. Here are some tips and strategies for minimizing your travel costs.

  • Prices vary, so try to be flexible in travel dates and check nearby airports.
  • Try They will often display discount airlines that fly lesser known routes as well as checking major travel sites.
  • Many airlines offer guarantees that their prices will always be cheapest on their websites, so try to book directly with the airline instead of through an aggregator.
  • Sometimes a travel agent can find special rates, especially for international travel.
Rental Cars
  • Try naming your own price on Priceline.
  • Find out if you are already covered through your current auto insurance. It might make sense to skip the insurance if you're already covered.
  • Don't prepay for gas. Most likely you'll return the car with a half tank and end up spending a lot more.

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